Filip Maertens

Living with Big Mother: Using smart-phones as a smart-agent.

Filip is founder of Argus Labs where he and his team are experimenting with data mining, machine learning and how mobile apps can improve our lives. In his talk he'll explain his vision on how to use mobile phones in a smarter way.

Smart-phones should not be seen as an "upgraded cell-phone", but rather as a sensory-device that is capable of collecting, processing and delivering data, information and intelligence. Building an interconnected sensory network, where intelligent apps are becoming your personal advisors is not a futuristic concept, but is becoming a reality very soon. We have never generated as much data as we did in the past, and we hardly know to control and process it anymore.

Now it's time to have smart-agents and algorithms to help us. This talk therefore acts as a window looking out on the next two to three years and will explore what opportunities and exciting stuff there is out there. You won't look at your smart-phone the same way again...