Antoon Vandevelde

Antoon Vandevelde has studied economics and philosophy at the University of Leuven. For a long time he has been teaching at Antwerp University. His research is mainly situated in the field of economic and biomedical ethics and political philosophy. He published books on Is Inheritance Legitimate?, (with G. Erreygers, Springer, 1997), on Gifts and Interests (Peeters, 2000), on Autonomy and Paternalism (with Th. Nys and Y. Denier, Peeters, 2007) and on Justice, Luck and Responsibility in Health Care (with Y. Denier and C. Gastmans, Springer, 2013). Also he published articles on theory of justice, including global and intergenerational justice, the ethics of migration policy, trust, altruism and happiness. In his TED talk, Antoon will point out that three conceptions of love have emerged from the history of philosophy. Platon, Spinoza and Alain Badiou, a contemporary philosopher, are his main sources of inspiration. Then he'll show how these theories about love correspond to three distinct conceptions of happiness. In fact, these are not exclusive alternatives. Together they offer a picture of three dimensions of love and happiness.