Dirk De Wachter

Dirk is author of the bestseller ‘Borderline Times’ on how borderline behavior is becoming the norm. Professor De Wachter is psychiater-psychotherapist and director of the system- and familytherapy section of the KULeuven. From his privileged position as a psychiater Dirk delivers a razor-sharp analysis of our time frame, ‘Borderline Times’.

In his TED talk, Dirk will talk about why countries with high levels of happiness also show high levels of psychiatric issues and suicides. We are living in ‘Border Line’ times. Border line is a state of mind on the edge between neurosis and psychosis. In psychiatry ‘border line’ has become the most common diagnosis. The line between mental illness and health has become wafer-thin. Fast, intense and reckless are becoming the norm, making "normal" quiet crazy. Are we facing the end of normality? What causes this mindshift. Dirk is our guide into a the mental world of today.