Eduardo Estellita

Eduardo Estellita is a professional coach and a trainer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he prefers to call himself a citizen of the world, having already lived in 8 different cities.

In his early career, he worked as an assistant teacher both in high school and his university (PUC-Rio). He also led the writing skills and text interpretation programs of a Brazilian NGO, helping students from 17 to 70 years-old achieve higher education. During the following 5 years, he has held several strategic functions within leading multinational organizations in France and in Benelux. He worked cross-functionally as a project manager, accompanying employees and customers through change.

Eduardo is deeply interested in combining people’s talents and is passionate about generational and cultural differences. In 2012 he co-founded genYus @work to provide individuals and organizations with coaching and training solutions that help increase intergenerational collaboration and Gen Y leadership.

He strongly identifies with Generation Y’s values and believes we’re currently living a rare turning point in History that redefines what life, community and success look like.

In his TED talk, Eduardo will talk about how we’re living in times of fast-changing technology and ubiquitous comfort. Yet, the life paradigm that is taught to us from young age leaves us with a thirst for meaning and atrophied self-awareness. Because we’re so attached to 5-year plans and external rewards, people seem to have lost that internal compass that points to our true north. Ultimately, this deficiency increases the lethargy, compensating mechanisms and aggression in our society as a whole.

In this talk, Eduardo will present a different life paradigm called “organic living”, based upon nature’s knowledge. He’ll share how he approaches organic living and how it can help you lead a happier life.