Emre Yaksi

Emre Yaksi is chair of NERF (Neuroelectronics Research Flanders) and Professor at KU Leuven’s Faculty of Medicine. NERF, located at the IMEC campus in Leuven, is a joint basic research initiative dedicated to unravelling the neuronal circuitry of the brain. NERF was founded by and enjoys the support of Imec, VIB (Flanders’ leading life sciences institute), and KU Leuven. Dr. Yaksi’s research interests include sensory integration and processing in the zebrafish brain, neural circuits and behaviour, and functional assembly of neural circuits.

In his TED talk, he will shed light on our brains. Our happiness heavily relies on the way we sense and perceive the world through our brains. Professor Yaksi will talk about how our brains process sensory information and control our behaviour or mood.