Martijn Joris

Martijn recently founded Twikit, a Belgian start-up that builds easy creation tools, allowing consumers to create unique products and bring them to life with 3D printing. Twikit is pioneering a new way of using digital production technologies in the creation of customized consumer products. Before founding his startup, Martijn worked on the democratization of 3D printing at Materialise (and i.materialise), one of the world’s leading 3Dprinting companies. For TEDxLeuven, Martijn will speak about 3Dprinting and the impact it can have on product design, entrepreneurship and society. His goal is to show the audience that thanks to 3D printing, people with a great idea can bring it to life and onto the market in a much more easy way as before. These digital production technologies have, combined with the Internet, some great advantages that are allowing for the rise of a new kind of digital maker.