Marc van Impe, born December 1950 is a controversialist, journalist and senior writer for the website MediQuality.net, the first internet forum and news site for doctors and professional care takers in North & South.

In the seventies, Marc was active with almost all Flemish media, migrated to Amsterdam and became foreign news correspondent for NieuwsNet, KRO, TROS & Playboy.

Marc created TV news programs for VRT & VTM, became editor in chief of Harvard Business Review, De Huisarts, Financieel Management and MediPlanet.

He is chair and professor at the Instituut of Journalism and committed to defend the interests of CVS/ME patients. As the husband of neuropsychiatrist Anne Marie Uyttersprot, Marc knows the ins and outs of the world of health.

Today, Marc lives in Vilvoorde, just far away to distance himself from Brussels.