Sara Knaeps is a young researcher and enthusiastic sport fan. Her main research focus is sedentary behavior and physical activity, and what their relationship is with cardio-metabolic health. In her academic life she is mostly focusing on the existence and direction of this relationship and what factors influence this relationship. In her private life she uses her academic knowledge to motivate people to be more active and sit less.

Sara graduated in 2013 as a movement scientist at the KU Leuven. During her PhD she broadened the focus from physical (in-)activity further to physical activity and sedentary behavior, as these are two distinct health exposures.

In her private life rope skipping (yes it is jump rope, and no, not the boring kind) is her true passion.

She still competes on national level and coaches little kids and teenagers. Three years ago she founded her own club to share her passion with as many people as possible from all ages. Apart from motivation people to be more active trough her club she also teaches aerobic classes and tries to motivate everyone to adopt an active lifestyle.