Felice and Yue are husband and wife. He’s Italian and She’s Chinese, yet they have one thing in common: they are both passionate food lovers and precisely, slow food lovers. Together they had started Slow Food Leuven convivum in promoting clean, fair and good food and the conviviality of slow eating.

Yue Gu, a native Shanghaiese, a world-trotter, a conscious gourmand. After graduating from Edinburgh University in MSc Management, she started her day-time job in a fortune 500 company (non-food related) but continued her all-time passion in learning, tasting, commenting and writing about the beloved food and wine.

She’s a free-lancer columnist (food&wine) for Metro Life, a popular magazine in Southern China and a blogger for Yvonne’s Wine Bar. Currently attempting her first book on Chinese cuisine, she’s telling the stories of her mom’s mouth-watering recipe, nothing like the usual take-away style Chinese. Her insatiable appetite also led her to find her husband, an Italian chef! So eating is truly no small thing!

Felice Miluzzi, the chef and owner of beloved Ristorante Rossi in Leuven. Felice was born in Grotti, a tiny agricultural village in the centre of Italy; it is from his family farm that he embarked on his gastronomic journey. His mother and grandmother Gina, with their unmistakably passion for quality food, taught him how to recognise and appreciate the authentic taste and aroma of his homeland.

After training at Rieti Hospitality Institute and several stunts in Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, he took over Ristorante Rossi in Leuven. It is during this period that his personal philosophy on cooking ‘the luxury of simplicity’ was formed: that is to let the main ingredients of the dish sing by emphasising their freshness and own characteristics. He is also devoted to drive the slow food movement by conveying the slow food philosophy from his dishes and pass it on to diners.