Joseph Malloch is a researcher and instrument designer based in Paris, where he is currently working with the Situated Interaction Lab at the Université Paris-Sud and Inria. He holds a Ph.D. in music technology from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, focusing on the design of new interfaces for live music performance and tools for supporting collaborative design of interactive media systems.

His work includes wearable, hand-held, and tabletop interfaces, augmented acoustic instruments, and software systems for “mapping” live sensor signals to media control. He designed and built the T-Stick digital musical instruments, which have appeared in dozens of public performances around the world, including performances at new music festivals, international conferences, performances by dancers, and by blind performers in a larger ensemble (Rolf Gehlhaar’s Viagem).

More recently he conceived, designed and developed “prosthetic” interactive instruments for dancers as part of the collaborative project Les Gestes/Gestures which toured Canada and Europe during the spring of 2013. One of these instruments takes the form of a second, sculptural spine attached to the dancers, which tracks its shape and orientation as it moves flexibly with their bodies. A documentary video explaining the design and development process for these instruments was featured by numerous media outlets including Wired UK, CNET, The Guardian, Fox News, and Huffington Post.