Bart Van Coppenolle is since 2010, co-founder & CEO of Right Brain, software publisher of bhaalu, a new television & video viewing experience software platform.

From 2015 on, author of the book The Secret of our Brain – How Evolutionary Neuroscience cracks the secret code of Success & Happiness.

Since 2011, co-founder and chairman of HolyBrain, contributing and giving back to society through applied neuropsychology & neuroethics.

Since 2012, author of the book Good Money – How Complementary Currency can save us from the Current Crisis, proposing a solution for financial and sovereign debt crises, through complementary currencies, stabilizing the value of dollar, euro or bitcoin currency.

Since 2013, co-founder & chairman at Left Brain, a start-up implementing Good Money.

Since 1995 co-founder, chairman (until 2006), president and CEO (until 2009) of Metris, a technology company brought public on NYSE-Euronext and sold to Nikon in Japan.

From 2008 to 2012, shareholder and chairman at Zimmo.be a leading Belgian consumer real estate portal, sold to Corelio Media in its merger with Concentra.

From 2010 to 2013, free-lance columnist for de Tijd. Since 2002, inventor with 25+ international patent families pending or granted. Since 2009, board member at Voka – VEV, the Flemish socio-political representative organization of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Since 1991, studying philosophy, bachelor & unfinished master (1991 – 1995). Since 1988 studying engineering, master & unfinished PhD (1988 – 1995).