Jan Lenaerts

Jan Lenaerts was born in Sint-Niklaas (1985) and became fascinated by weather from a young age onwards. As soon as he finished his high school education, he went to The Netherlands where he studied Meteorology at Wageningen University (MSc in 2008).

As he specifically gained interest in snow and ice, he decided to pursue his doctoral dissertation at Utrecht University. There he studied the process of snow transport over the vast ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland, mostly using computer models, but also collecting observations on site.

When he defended his PhD thesis cum laude in 2013, he had already experienced the amazing nature of Greenland, Alaska and Svalbard. More recently, Jan has steered his research towards understanding present-day rapid changes on the ice sheets, and their impact on global climate.

In 2014, he received the prestigious InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctic Fellowship, which allowed him to lead two scientific expeditions to the Princess Elisabeth Base in East Antarctica. Over the last few years, he has enjoyed giving many public and academic lectures on his endeavors on the Antarctic ice sheet, and more generally on the scientific basis of global warming. Jan will move to Boulder (USA) next year to become assistant professor at the University of Colorado.