D. Persoone talks chocolate

Dominique Persoone lives and breathes chocolate. His shop The Chocolate Line, which he opened in 1992, is one of the three chocolate shops listed in the Michelin Guide. According to the Parisian Salon de Chocolat Dominique has the right to call himself the best chocolatier in the world. His bestselling book ‘Cocoa, the roots of chocolate’ on the history of chocolate won the prize for ‘best chocolate book of the world’ in 2009.

And not only the culinary world appreciates Dominique’s work: he developed his famous chocolate shooter, a device to sniff chocolate, for the birthday party of Rolling Stones Ron Wood and Charlie Watts. He also worked together with fashion designer Nicky Vankets to design a chocolate dress for Miss Belgium.

So prepare for a whole lot of chocolate and surprises at TEDxLeuven!

Picture by John Loo