FAQ - Next Roaring 20s

FAQ - Next Roaring 20s

This event is a bit different from what you are used to, but that is what makes it exciting! We have done everything to make it easy to experience the event,
while still being engaging. However, for many of you, this may be the first time joining an event like this. In this page, you will find answers to
frequently asked questions

Where can I get support?

If you have questions at any point, you can reach us through: Our support team will be continuously monitoring these channels and will reply as soon as possible.

How do I go to the event?

This short video explains how to get to the event using the email link.
If you already used the link to make an account, check your email to see if you can find the login details. Then go to the learnbrite dashboard And select "Shared with me" -> "TEDxLeuven"
If you did not receive any emails, please contact our support team.

General problems

Stuff like: it looks weird, the video is stuck, etc.
First off, make sure you are using google chrome (preferable) or firefox?
Additionally, some problems may be fixed by refreshing the page (F5 on most browsers)

I’m stuck at the stage/foyer/networking area/etc. How do I go to another space?

At the top left, click the location icon, then select the space you want to go to.

Too many redirects

In firefox, this is sometimes resolved by going to
“preferences” -> privacy & security -> And then setting “Enhanced Tracking Protection” to Standard
Another solution is to clear your cookies
Finally, you can also try a different browser

Why is the time on Mootup one hour earlier?

It is displayed in UTC time, which is one hour behind Belgium. This is a setting of the platform and cannot be changed.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can't see your friend?

To not overload your computer, we made parallel universes with limited capacity . Your friend might be in one of those.
One way to still connect to them is by joining the same audio-bubble

Can I turn off the chat?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the time

Can I stop the music in the networking area?

You can stop the music by clicking the speakers

I can’t find the secret room :(

Solution video (spoilers!)

How do I go to Hogwarts?

Solution video (spoilers!)