Working with people both intrigues and inspires her. Being challenged by the diverse backgrounds of her clients and their different business contexts engages her. She adapts her interventions to the needs of the individual, the team or the organisation.

How she brings value is her independent and fresh way of being. She is never afraid to ask pertinent questions that help individuals or teams address the challenges they face. She has a reputation for being direct yet respectful and forlistening non-judgmentally. Her approach helps clients discover different perspectives and gain new insights.

Her roles are threefold - a coach, a sounding board, and a facilitator of conversations that need to happen, mostly working with senior leaders and their staff. Often she is an enabler or a catalyst depending on what she observe, sense and feel that is going on in the here and now.

Depending on which topics or needs emerge, She is also asked to offer specific training programmes. She has considerable international experience through living and working abroad (Europe, Hong Kong and US). After having developed a career inside organisations she started her own business with clients in all sectors, from industry, consulting and the public sector. These experiences gave her insights into business contexts and cultural diversity.