BURn Leuven

BURn Leuven is a local cultural youth project that aims to encourage and support the driving urban scene in Leuven. It was founded two years ago out of awareness that Leuven had no place where youth could congregate and delve into the urban arts. From this belief Urban Woorden, mijnLeuven, and Straatrijk, the three key players in urban youth projects, established the BURn Leuven project that strives to create an open house for teenagers. Almost every day of the week, the youngsters are welcome to train their skills in three urban disciplines: breakdance, rap and urban singing.

The project succeeds to be inclusive reaching out to the youth from different social and ethnic backgrounds by creating a second ‘urban’ home for all young people. At TEDxLeuven Utopia our rappers will share their view on what it takes for the world to become a place where everyone feels at home.