Michèle Mees

Michèle Mees, Partner and co-founder Centre for Balanced Leadership. Author of "The Balanced Leader. Exploring the Dynamics of Masculine and Feminine Energy" With a Master in Sociology and Communications Sciences, an MBA and a solid business background Michèle inspires her audience to look beyond the obvious and see their business environment in a new light. She works with masculine and feminine energies to transform leadership, self-development and to bring organizational change.

In 2008 Michèle decided to a drastic career change by stepping out of a comfortable job as partner of a very successful consulting company because she wanted to change the persistent shortage of women in top level positions. She recognized the need to develop a new framework for leadership. If men and women can accept the value of their inner masculine and feminine energies and use them to create balanced corporate cultures, then gender balance will automatically follow.

Today Michèle supports CEOs, management teams and men and women in organizations to create a balanced organisational culture by offering them a new perspective on gender roles and on masculinity and femininity. Her work leads to the acknowledgment of the existence and the strength of feminine energy as a necessary element in recreating balance in companies, teams and individuals.

Her passion comes from her belief that balancing masculine and feminine energies and qualities results in better performing teams, happier employees, stronger customer relations, more innovation and creativity and last but not at all least a more sustainable, respectful way of doing business that changes the outlook of the world.