Invent... a word!

Let's look for a new word. A word that symbolizes a society of well-being, a new word that represents a world which puts forward individual happiness and global sustainability. A word that takes technology and economy as a means to support humans, not as a goal of humans. Let that word start from Leuven, from Flanders, from Belgium, from the TED community.

Why now?

Simple, because today there are some important choices at our doorstep: As Sherry Turkle said, which place are we going to give technology in our lives? What does it mean to be human? Have you met the Geminoid already? How are we going to interact with robots that look like us but are much smarter than we are? These are the answers we'll have to provide in a handful of years. Let Leuven be the place that invents parts of these answers. We already have a symbol worth spreading, we only need a word to match it.


Post your suggestion on the TEDxLeuven Facebook time line, send it over e-mail or tweet it. The selected word will be taken to TED Global, the global TED summit, by Els De Keyser, head of the Dutch TED translators. She will present the new word and 3 other words, to truely be Words worth spreading.