Rachida Aziz empowers women

During her childhood Rachida felt a strong attraction towards fashion and beauty. As a young woman her basic knowledge of drawing patterns and sewing caused her to make a lot of her clothes herself and do some customizing ‘avant la lettre’. Even though she clearly had a passion and talent for fashion designing, she began working in the sociocultural sector. Due to health problems, Rachida started contemplating on the goals she wanted to reach in her life and how she would contribute to society. As a result she established the Azira fashion brand. Thanks to this label women - whether they‘re Muslim or not- are able to enjoy modern fashion that fits within their dress code ethics and taste.
In her talk, Rachida Aziz will explain that Western and Muslim ethics are very much alike and how fashion can be used as a way to empower (Muslim) women.

Picture by Don't Smile Please