Second edition

On the 30th of april, TEDx Leuven organises an afternoon conference themed 'Invent Happiness'. Speakers are scientific, artistic or entrepreneurial by design and inspiring by nature. All of them have one thing in common, once you have heard them speak, you will be convinced that happiness is something that can be invented, too.

Throughout the ages, happiness has been a theme that has propelled us forward. For a long time happiness was a domain reserved for philosophers and part of the abstract. It’s only until recently that modern science decided to dedicate itself to researching what makes us happy.

Strange isn’t it?

Luckily new research in positive psychology, neurobiology and happiness economics are gaining momentum. No longer are these researchers considered as new age outcasts on the side of the scientific playing field.

What if we would live in a society that puts happiness of its citizens first? What if we would invent it in Leuven?

Here in Leuven, all the cards are already laying on the table. We’ve done it before. Throughout history, Leuven has been the home of many great humanists that inspired the world. People like Justus Lipsius or Erasmus once walked the same streets as we do now.

Leuven can reclaim its position as a city where the essence of our being, our humanity, is put first.


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