Speakers' favourite talks

You can’t change the world by just speaking. It’s even more important to listen and to be open to other ideas and insights. That’s why we’ve asked the TEDxLeuven speakers to show us their favourite TED conference.

Fabiaan Van Vrekhem for example was very much impressed by ‘statistics guru’ Hans Rosling’s exposition. In his talk, he showed the world some statistics concerning the “developing world”.



Given that Dominique Persoone is a culinary genius, it’s no surprise that the TED talk of his choice is one by Jamie Oliver. Jamie’s TED Prize Wish was to change the way we feed ourselves and our children and to put an end to our ignorance concerning nutrition.



Bart Becks is a bit more nostalgic. His favourite TED talk is also the first one he ever saw: athlete, actress and activist Aimee Mullins talks about her prosthetic legs and all the advantages that go hand in hand with them. In short: a story about a woman who realizes that the boundaries of her ambitions are also the boundaries of het possibilities. 



The extraordinary story of brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor is one that really stuck with Rachida Aziz. Jill had a massive stroke and watched her brain functions shut down, one by one. The most exceptional part of her story is that she studied her own stroke, as it happened.