Ivo Vojtek

Ivo Vojtek is the Vaccine Confidence Lead at GSK Vaccines. Passionate about public health and always curious to learn more, he studied pharmacy before doing a PhD in microbiology. A career in clinical development took him around the world, but he left the lab behind to join the medical affairs team at GSK Vaccines. Now, years of science advocacy have taught Ivo that unlike the cold logic of the lab, the decisions people make about their health are not always fact-based; they are driven by perceptions, emotions and many other factors. In addition to his day job exploring methods to improve scientific understanding and vaccine confidence, Ivo is completing a Masters in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. When it comes to our health, how good are we at assessing risk? And, where do we stand on acting today for an intangible benefit tomorrow?  Given that the World Health Organization listed Vaccine Hesitancy – defined as delaying or refusing vaccinations despite their availability – as a top ten threat to global health in 2019, we may have room to improve on both fronts. Together, Ivo and Vanessa will talk about the allure and impact of vaccine misinformation, proposed methods to counteract it, and the roles that different stakeholders can play to turn the tide on this threat to the health of so many.