Margriet Sitskoorn

Margriet Sitskoorn is professor of clinical neuropsychology at Tilburg University. Her research focuses on the relationship between brain and behavior, and on how behavior and environment, influence the brain and how one can thus influence the emotions, skills and behavior of healthy people and patients. She is director of the top performance lab within the Department of Cognitive Neuropsychology. Within this lab research is done on how to improve the performance of (top) athletes and (top) managers. Based on this research, new training methods are developed for the world of top sports and the business world. She is also a member of the knowledge board of the top sports community. In her talk, Prof.dr. Margriet Sitskoorn adresses the question whether we humans truly are wise. Sitskoorn wonders why we, the homo sapiens, still inflict so much suffering on ourselves, others and the environment. Is there perhaps, despite all our progress something lacking in our development? And if so, what is lacking and will we be able to develop it? Subjects like crystalized and fluid intelligence will be discussed in this lecture, and insights will be provided with regard to how the combination of neuroplasticity, a different environment and choices, can guide us towards the homo sapiens verus; a genuine human being who is truly wise.