Radu Surdeanu

Educated as a physicist and with experience in various large multinationals, Radu is passionate about technologies of the future, specifically on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society. As an active Happonomist and Zen practitioner, Radu is an advocate of a future where humanity will reach the next level, with AI and spirituality interconnected, for the well-being of all. Today, fast-paced technological progress increasingly propels our world. A world where many amongst us are struggling to identify themselves with the hi-tech society we live in. Could we replace the fear for a dystopian AI-driven future, where our jobs will disappear? Where people seem to become increasingly irrelevant? Can we find a common, human story which - intertwined with AI - will enable us to grow to reach our full potential? A future where we have more time to spend with our loved ones and find meaning? That choice is ours, that choice is now.