Steven Laureys

Prof Steven Laureys MD PhD FEAN is a neurologist, neuroscientist, brain popularizer and bestselling author (‘Ons briljante brein’ & ‘No-nonsense meditatieboek’). He is internationally recognized for his clinical expertise in altered states of consciousness after brain damage and the scientific study of the human mind. Patients are being admitted to his "Brain² Clinic” at the University Hospital of Liège from all over Europe. Laureys has published over 500 scientific papers and 12 books. He is Research Director at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (2012), founding director of the "Coma Science Group" (2006) and "GIGA Consciousness Research Unit" (2014) of the University of Liège. His team’s expertise serves to the EU Human Brain Project, building a model of the human brain inside supercomputers. In 2020 he launched the international ‘MIND Care Foundation’ aiming to take care of the mind in health and disease. Machine intelligence is a useful tool, hugely helping me as a medical doctor and scientist. We’re all impressed when watching robots play chess, the violin or basketball more faultless than the best human champions. My children question me on their role in tomorrow’s world with the growing impact of supercomputers, virtual reality and humanoid robots. My answer is simple: AI is artificial and numb, devoid of any conscious perception. Our mind is not a conscienceless computer program. Let us reconnect and invest in what makes us different from cold silicon processing: our feelings and emotions, creativity and inspiration, empathy and love.