Vanessa Palsenbarg

Vanessa Palsenbarg is a Sr. Manager of Medical Communications at GSK Vaccines. With a history of social activism, a Masters in Anthropology, a passion for behavioral economics and a gift for storytelling, Vanessa has made a career of communicating with impact, especially about the societal effects of science and technology. She has a history of creating content for diverse industries, including healthcare, 3D Printing, the tech side of art & fashion, and more. In recent years, a strong urge to use communications as a means for changing behaviors for the public good led her to her current role supporting the medical organization at GSK Vaccines. When it comes to our health, how good are we at assessing risk? And, where do we stand on acting today for an intangible benefit tomorrow?  Given that the World Health Organization listed Vaccine Hesitancy – defined as delaying or refusing vaccinations despite their availability – as a top ten threat to global health in 2019, we may have room to improve on both fronts. Together, Ivo and Vanessa will talk about the allure and impact of vaccine misinformation, proposed methods to counteract it, and the roles that different stakeholders can play to turn the tide on this threat to the health of so many.