The time has come

After Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Hasselt it is now time for Leuven to launch the world acclaimed TEDx event … or for TEDx to launch Leuven.

Due to the crisis, some might give in to the nagging fear that our generation must lower it sights. We are not one of them. We believe the crisis need not be a step back, but can be a boost for change, a force for good.

At TEDxLeuven big visions will not only enlighten the future of human relations, work, the planet and space. No, top level speakers will also inspire you to be part of that future.
Meet and network with people as enthousiastic about the future as you are. You can even inspire the TED community worldwide via TALK2TED.

Stop living in the past. Let TEDxLeuven kick you out of your easy chair and make you want to … invent the future! The future is not far away, it is only not everywhere yet. It is already @ TEDxLeuven. Come and be part of it ...