Utopia is here!
N/Yo Future Leuven 1516

Thomas More publishes De Optimo Reipublicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia. Already with some proto-Twitter on their minds, readers cut down the title to its essence: Utopia. In his book, More – living in times lacking political, social, moral and religious compasses – sets out guidelines to a far better world. Although he’s a humanist and philosopher, there’s also a tweak of stand-up-comedian hiding in More. What else to think of the tongue-in-cheek title, Utopia? Etymologists know – and now you do too – that Utopia is a paradox. A contradiction in terms. The Greek origin can be u-topos, a place that doesn’t exist, or eu-topos, the most happy place you can imagine. How happy can you be in a non-existing place?

Leuven 2016

Living in times lacking political, social, moral and religious compasses, it is clear we missed at least some of More’s road signs to Utopia. Half a millennium later, we are still doggedly building a better world. Against all odds? As the punks used to cry out: No Future?

TEDxLeuven loves the paradoxes of this world, loves to look at the possible futures we can build together. By inventing and re-inventing. Never before did the number of inventions take flight like this. Building blocks of tomorrow, offering us new views that allow us to re-invent ourselves day in day out.

The future is as bright as we are. Whether tomorrow will be a u-topos or a eu-topos, depends on us. So forget No Future.

Say Yo Future!