Intelligence: Artificial or Human?

Intelligence: Artificial or Human?

Dear TEDxLeuven attendees,

We come to you once again with a very painful but unavoidable message.

Because of the frightening evolution of the Covid-19 crisis our TEDxLeuvenSalon – “Intelligence: Artificial or Human?” event of tomorrow cannot take place.
We are concerned about your health and because of a policy change yesterday, we also lost access to the venue. There is no safe way to reorganise the
event at such short notice.

Please give us some time to collect ourselves and make new plans. Know that you remain very welcome to join us at our next TEDx event.
We will communicate the date and venue as soon as possible, as well as when and how you will be able to get your tickets.

This is by far not the end, and we will build back better and stronger to deliver an event that is worthy of your expectations! Hopefully next time, we
will be in between waves rather than at their peak.

For now, stay positive, but test negative and bear with us!

Kind regards,

The TEDxLeuven team