Terms of use

Terms of use

TEDxLeuven is a subsidiary of TEDxLeuven vzw

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1. Purpose of this User Agreement

This user agreement encompasses terms and agreements that apply to the use of information and services offered by www.TEDxLeuven.com and on related websites or newsletters. As a user of the site and the services offered by the site, you are considered to have agreed to the terms of this user agreement.


2. Privacy policy

2.1 Personal data

In order to make optimal use of the services offered by the TEDxLeuven network or the reserved sections of partners,

you will be asked to provide a user name, a password and an e-mail address. Your e-mail address will not be displayed on our site and will not be provided to third parties. These data are essential to make optimal use of our services. We provide you with the opportunity to provide other data (such as your first name, family name and country of residence) but these are optional.

If this is legally required

If judicial authorities or police services request them

To third parties that have been engaged in order to deliver the services for which you have contracted

'Third parties' are considered to be all individuals who are not involved in activities run by VZW Tedx Leuven.

In the exceptional case that TEDxLeuven works with third parties, your permission will always be requested.

Consistent with the relevant legal framework for the use of personal data for direct marketing purposes, by agreeing to these conditions, you give your permission to use your data for such purposes. You always have the right to withdraw your permission by sending a certified and signed request with a copy of your identity card to the abovementioned address.

Consistent with the law of 8 December 1992 for the protection of personal privacy, you possess certain rights related to your personal data. The right of inspection gives you the right to scrutinise the data that the web platform collects.The right of correction gives your the opportunity to correct incomplete or inaccurate data. To exercise these rights, we ask that you send us a signed and certified request with a copy of your identity card to the abovementioned address.


2.2 Use of cookies

The use of cookies is necessary in order to offer you personalised services. Cookies are small pieces of data that are placed on your hard drive by the server. These cookies can be retrieved during a new visit to our site. This information will be used to verify your identity so that you do not have to provide your user name and password each time you visit our site. Information will also be stored in the cookies about various actions that you undertake on the site. The cookie will also include your IP address, your browser type and your login data.

You have the possibility to configure your browser so that it warns you whenever new cookies are created, or that it prevents them from being created. You can also refuse to allow cookies by clicking on the 'no cookies' button. You can also always indicate at a later date that you will not allow the processing of your data with cookies by clicking on this button.


2.3 Log files

The web platform also collects information in log files. This information is used for traffic and profile analysis. This means that data is collected regarding actions that you undertake on our site. These log files are kept on the website server. By agreeing to these terms, you give permission to record this information in log files.


2.4 Links

Our site contains links to other websites. These site are beyond the control of TEDxLeuven. We wish to inform you that we undertake all appropriate security measures to protect your data from unexpected destruction, coincidental loss, malicious alterations or unauthorised access. We use firewalls, ensure that all information and every file is stored on a secure terminal and protect every password with encryption technology. Furthermore, we keep abreast of the newest technologies.


2.5 Permission

It is important that you are well-informed when you give your permission to process your personal data. We offer you the possibility to visit our site without providing any personal data to us. Of course, in that case you can not make use of various features. If, after reading this document, you decide to provide us with personal data, then you have granted permission in an informed manner for the processing of that data for the purposes described in this document. You always have the possibility to remove your account. In that case, your profile will be removed and your personal data will no longer be processed.


2.6 Registration with the Privacy Commission

The processing of personal data by www.adforce.be has been registered with the Commission for the Protection of Personal Privacy, Hoogstraat 139, 1000 Brussels; tel: 02/ 213.85.40; e-mail: commission@privacycommission.be ; internet: www.privacy.fgov.be


2.7 Changes to the privacy policy

It is possible that changes to this privacy policy will be carried out in the future. The amended privacy policy will be published on the TEDxLeuven website and will automatically go into effect thirty days after the initial publication on the site.



3. Copyright

3.1 TEDxLeuven

All sections of the site are protected by Belgian copyright law and in particular, the Belgian Copyright Law of 30 June 1994. Under no circumstances is reproduction of the site permitted, except when permission is granted by VZW Tedx Leuven.


3.2 Links

TEDxLeuven can contain links to other websites or to web pages of third parties. A link to a website of a third party does not always imply that TEDxLeuven has any relationship to the managers of these websites, that it collaborates with them or that it approves of the content of their sites. The sites of third parties and the content that appears on them is beyond the control of TEDxLeuven, which accordingly can assume no liability for them.


4. Exoneration/Responsibility

TEDxLeuven cannot be held liable for incorrect or inaccurate information on the website. TEDxLeuven is not responsible with respect to users or third parties for any possible direct or indirect harm, loss of earnings or other damage resulting from its negligence or failure to acquire, compile, install, write and interpret information. Furthermore,TEDxLeuven cannot be help liable for the breakdown or possible malfunction of the system.


5. Disputes

Belgian law applies to disputes regarding the adherence to these user terms of use. The courts of Brussels have authority in these matters.


6. Changes to the user agreement

TEDxLeuven reserves the right to amend this user agreement at any time. The amended user agreement will be published on TEDxLeuven and will automatically take effect thirty days after the initial publication on the site.


7. Termination of an account

If you have registered as an attendee you can terminate your account at any time.